First Aid Kit
The following ‘kits’ are in draft form and are presented to facilitate discussion rather than being in any way definitive.
It is hoped to present a recommended kit for members consideration later this year.

The following list is for a typical first-aid kit to be carried by anyone engaged in an overnight buskwalking type activity. Whilst labelled ‘personal’ it would also suit a small group of 2 or 3.


Foil blanket 1
Crepe bandage (70 - 100mm) 1
Triangular bandage (cloth) 1
Eye pad 1
‘Bandaids’ various sizes/types 10
‘Compeed’ (large - blisters) 4
Non-adherent sterile dressings 4
Gauze squares 20
Antiseptic hand wash 1
Alcohol swabs 6
Betadine 1
Sticky tape ('paper' 20mm) 1 roll
Leukoplast 'Red' 5cm 1 roll
Leukofix (clear perforated, 12mm) 1 roll
Pain relief ('Asprin' or 'Paracetamol') 10
Safety pins 2
Scissors 1
Tweezers 1
Needle or splinter remover 1
Latex gloves 2
Notebook and pencil 1
Insect repellant
Lip balm
Personal medication
Bag or container to hold all of the above

100mm Elastic bandage for snakebite kept in a readily available location i.e. not in a container at the bottom of your rucksack!

Extended version
This kit is slightly more extended and includes treatments that may be needed on a more extended trip or within a larger party. In a group situation, not everyone would need to carry the extra components as some are expensive and do not keep for long once opened eg ‘Iodosorb’. Commercial products are named as typical ones, rather then recommended, and many other equivalents are available.

‘Iodosorb’ (antiseptic ointment) 1 tube
Antihistamine tabs (eg Claratyne, Telfast, etc) 1 strip
Diarrhoea treatment (eg Lomotil, Imodium, etc) 1 strip
Constipation treatment (eg Senokot, Coloxyl, etc) 1 strip
Saline solution 30ml (eye flushing) 1 bottle
Various sizes anti-adherent dressings 6
Waterproof dressings 6