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President: Joy Downes
Telephone: 0400 160 445
Secretary: Robyn Scott
Telephone: 0408 486 362
Treasurer: Elizabeth Pearce
Telephone: 0400 109 160
Newsletter: Clive Lynn
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Walks Coordinator: Les Cruickshank
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Meetings: All meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month (excluding December); General Meetings at Leongatha Community House, 16 Bruce Street, Leongatha and alternating with Activity Planning Meetings and dinner at venues to be announced.

Activity Meeting Nov 28 at 6:30pm in the Meeniyan Hotel, followed by dinner

General Meeting October 31 at Leongatha Community House at 8:00pm>

Activity Reports

The Nobbies - August 20
a cold walkerThe weather was overcast and blustery and 13 hardy souls made the long trip to the Nobbies to take in views of stormy seas breaking over the rocky coastline and close encounters with protective Cape Barren geese and their families.
We were able to inspect the newly opened but not quite finished visitor centre for the penguin parade. A quite impressive tourist reception centre and acres of carparks. With three cafes in the centre it was suggested we drive to the Nobbies to start the walk next time and sample their wares for a halfway stop.
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Penguin Rehabilitation Jumpers
On a recent Tuesday walk we visited the new Penguin Parade Visitor Centre and saw the handiwork of many folk who knit jumpers for penguins. These jumpers are used in the rehabilitation of penguins who are oil affected and otherwise in need of care. If you are interested in knitting for these lovely little critters the details for the jumpers are quite specific and full details can be found at Scroll down to the link for penguin-jumper.
Judy Speedy

Boolarra Old Mill Site - 3rd Sept 2019
Joy at lunch
A very fine gathering met Graham, our leader for the day, at the Old Mill Site on time and in fine fettle for the walk ahead. The weather was perfect for walking and off we set en route to the Boolarra cemetery, a very well kept final resting place. Fortunately the rests there today were short. It seemed a great deal of the walk was uphill through the Boolarra Bush which caused speculation as to whether there would be downhill at any stage to return to the carpark. However the bush was beautiful and the views of the surrounding farmland a joy to see. The walk took us four hours, and the distance was a subject of much debate ranging from 8 to 15 kms. We did get to walk about 3km downhill and another couple that really was flat. And as we had a very enjoyable time out how far is of little consequence. A number of us ended up at the Boolarra Café enjoying coffee and carbs. Our President led the fray tucking into the goodies on offer. Thanks Graham.
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First Aid Training - Tuesday Sept 10
This 1st Aid Training session was run in place of one of our usual Tuesday Walks and provided an opportunity for club members to update their qualifications.
As a result, some 18 members spent the day at the Salvation Army Centre in Leongatha and were ably guided through the training course run by Victorian First Aid

brokenBev 1stAidJoy
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Little Waterloo Bay, Wilson’s Prom - Sept 18-19
Graham-KenOberonWalkParticipants: Graham Talmage; Ken Moulton, Ian Mayer - In absentia: Les Cruickshank (man flu) It was 8.00 am when we met at the Fish Creek pub car park to car shuttle down to the Prom. We were all bristling with confidence and eager to try out our new gear . . . but where was Les????
Alas, Les had called in sick the night before with a bad case of ‘man flu’.
It was Grahams original plan to walk down to Sealers Cove, a relatively comfortable 10.2 km, to ‘road test’ our new gear and get some km’s into the legs prior to the Great Ocean Road walk. Les had earlier checked the tides and suggested it would be prudent to get down there early to avoid fording the river at high tide; hence the 8.00 am start.
After further discussion, it was decided to modify the plan and instead head to Little Waterloo Bay thereby avoiding the swollen river and the now infamous half pike with back flip.
At 11.9 km via the Telegraph Track, Little Waterloo Bay was a little further, but still very doable! The three of us arrived at Tidal River in good time only to find everything closed until the scheduled opening at 9.00 am - so much for the early start???
I have discovered that Graham is not to be left unaccompanied for any length of time. While Ken and I were collecting our coffees, Graham was found to be somewhat consumed by the young Parks ranger and had now committed us to walking to Little Waterloo Bay via the more scenic but considerably longer Oberon Bay route. Our original quiet doddle of 10.2 km had now increased to a more daunting 6 hour, 16.8 km trek! Oh well, it would stand us in good stead for the 20 km scheduled for the first day of the Great Ocean Road walk! We made good time and before we knew it we were enjoying morning tea at Little Oberon Bay in what could only be described as near perfect conditions - a bright sunny day of around 19 deg, a soft wafting breeze and hardly a cloud to be seen; a far cry from our last overnight venture to the Prom!
Oberon Bay camp site was only a little further on and then we headed up the soft sandy track towards the Telegraph track and over the saddle. From there it was 2.00 hours down to the Little Waterloo Bay campsite.
mealAtOberonWe had not seen many others on the track and because it was mid-week we half expected to have the campsite to ourselves, but not so! While we had no trouble finding a nice grassy site with a table and log chairs, we were to discover a number of other hikers there including a school group of around 15 teenagers - not that they were a problem, it’s just that the number of people somehow undermines the seemingly remoteness of the place . . . and of course it meant that we were clearly the elder statesmen of the campsite!!!! Ken befriended ‘Gary’ the resident Maggie who took great delight in investigating his pack for some nourishment. Dried food prevailed for dinner - Ken and Graham trying out the Beef Curry while Ian opted for Teriyaki Beef - couldn’t really tell much difference between the two.
As the sun went down, so did the temperature and so it wasn’t long before we sought the comfort and warmth of our sleeping bags, albeit quite early in the evening. A cold night followed with much dew in the morning but other than that, quite a comfortable night. We ate the requisite muesli for breakfast and packed up somewhat leisurely, then headed off to retrace our steps back to Tidal River.
We were to enjoy another magnificent day, which was just a little warmer than the day before and settled into a comfortable pace as we contemplated some of the small hills to come.
All too soon we were back at Tidal River where we enjoyed a well-earned ice cream.
Three things I learnt from our outing:

  • One must not leave Graham unattended for too long
  • Commercially available dehydrated meals all look and taste the same
  • Ice cream works at the end of a days hike

It was a great couple of days: fine weather, no Tasmanian Devils, equipment performed well and we all pulled up well. I can recommend the walk to anyone interested in overnighting down at the Prom
Ian Mayer

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The Archibold Prize at TarraWarra Museum of Art - Sept 26
Six people started the trip on Wednesday the 25th and spent the night at Sue Marriott’s mother’s place in Healesville where from all accounts they had a wonderful evening. Irene, Joy’s sister, and I met them at the beautiful TarraWarra winery, where this years Archies were held. The Archies is a touring exhibition of the finalists in the 2019 Archibald Prize. The exhibition is held at different galleries throughout the country, this year the Victorian venue was in the Yarra Valley, which meant it was a bit closer for us than in previous years.
The gallery is a modern space and suited the exhibition, allowing plenty of room for the large number of visitors. As we wandered through the rooms, we ran into Sue Mayer who was there was other friends. We made judgements and voiced our artistic knowledge free to anyone within hearing. We had some different points of view about the paintings, which is, after all, what art is all about. The judges thought Tony Costa’s painting of Lindy Lee was the best, the packing room picked Tessa Mackay’s portrait of David Wenham as their choice and the people voted for David Darcy’s portrait of Daisy Tjuparntarri Ward.

spacer imagedaisyT
            People’s Choice - Daisy Tjuparntarri Ward by David Darcy.
     Packing Room - David Wenham by Tessa Mackay
spacer imagetheWinner
                  The Winner - Lindy Lee by Tony Costa
spacer imagetheViewers
            The viewers

We decided to have lunch at the winery, it was a lovely day and the view from the outdoor café was exceptional. After lunch we headed off on our separate ways.
Big thank you to Joy for organising again this year. I’m sure we are all looking forward to next year’s dose of culture.
Jean Jackson

Glenelg Paddling - Sunday 13th to Thurs 17th October
Graham, Don & Noel, Steve & Paula, Jean, Pat & Roz.
Pat & I travelled to Nelson (S.A.Border) on Sunday 13th, with the usual excitement, adventure expectations, and appreciation of just ‘being able to join in again’ , arriving in Nelson mid-afternoon as did the others. Tent city emerged and some of us ‘cooked up a storm’ for tea, while others opted for fish & chips.
Monday: With a few minor hiccups and a car shuffle we travelled to Pines Landing, where the kayaks were loaded with four days food and equipment, and with lots of assistance all were successfully placed on the water in the Glenelg river. It is a stunning river with abundant bird life, majestic cliffs, and many koalas this time. Monday night at Pritchards campsite, tent city again and the main feature was as the rain set in.
Tuesday: Thankfully no wind as we paddled gently to ‘enjoy the moment’ and all the river has to offer. To Forest campsite.
Wednesday: Jean decided on a 13/15 km walk back to town to retrieve her car, as escape plan. Not sure about her correct ‘footwear’, but was the best available. So we said our goodbyes and she succeeded in her mission.
Amongst our river happenings, Pat in her haste to ‘get a good early start’, proceeded to paddle the wrong way up the river and yes, I caught her?!
Wednesday night at Lasletts camp, by now all of us had mostly ‘everything’ wet, we actually found just a little welcome sunshine to dry our wings before the rain set in again for the night. Steve, Paula, Don & Noel chose to walk to Princess Margaret caves, approx. 5 km return, while the rest of us chose to watch the washing and retrieve as needed.
Thursday: The river had risen and yes, it had to happen, the wind woke up and gave us all a tough workout to get back to the finish at Simpsons Landing, were we were all glad to change into dry clothes and seek shelter.
The river level is down on my previous visits but entry/exit from kayaks has been made more difficult by newly constructed wooden platforms, maybe ‘department of name change’ has not consulted kayakers as to what suits? Not sure about that, however with assistance from the men of the group - ‘thankyou to all’ - we managed the project.
Thankyou so very much to Graham for leading the paddle, and Katie for all her ‘groundwork’ (including packing all Graham’s food) beforehand. Thanks heaps to all other company for another great paddling adventure.
Roz S,

Federation Walks Weekend - October 2019
Participants: Pat Williams, Roz Spratt, Elizabeth Pearce, Jude Speedy, Joy Downes, Marg and Clive Lynn
By Friday afternoon the seaside town of Lorne was alive with Bush Walkers wandering the streets. Registration was quick and painless and the evening was spent catching up with fellow walkers.
Our Saturday walk turned out to be a real gem. Lead by a sprightly octogenarian Roz and I visited five waterfalls, (all different) and got to walk through a spectacular canyon. The waterfalls were at their best due to the recent rains, which also meant the tracks were very muddy. Initially our walk followed a tram line along the George River. At Allendale we observed a small but historic apple orchard, a fence made of prunings had us all intrigued. At Swallow Cave our eyes were peeled for evidence of the bottle shaped nests which are present on the cave walls.
Our walk featured great variety with damp ferny gullies, and dry and wet forest. The native mint bush was a riot of colour, the white daisy bush was also prolific and we did see a few Nodding Greenhood orchids and yellow Bulbine Lillies. Our biggest challenge for the day was scrambling over a large tree which had just fallen.

Sunday Walk. After a scheduled late start we were driven to the Sheoke Picnic Ground in the bus and did a short nature walk. Our next destination was the Lower Kalimna Falls, we ate our lunch in the cavity behind the falls and made our way back to base on a four wheel drive track. A short but pleasant walk.
Fed Walks 2019 provided an opportunity for us to walk in an area we had not explored before. Thanks must go to the organising Committee, Leaders and Whips for their hard work. I personally look forward to Fed Walks 2020 at Licola, in fact I can’t wait. Save the date!

Forthcoming Events
Seabank Caravan Park to Port Albert - Sunday Dec 1
We will meet behind the Seabank Caravan Park (right hand turn off the road into Port Albert) at 10.15am for a quick cuppa and then start our walk at 10.30am. Walking on the Old Port Trail along the coast where ships first found their way into the area, through natural coastal scrub, mangroves and exposed seafront. Distance is approx 6kms.
Fish and Chips for lunch after we explore the little seaside town of Port Albert. Drivers will be taken back to caravan park or the other option for those who want to can walk back to where we started.
Car pooling from Meeniyan at 9.15am or meet at caravan park.
Please let Robyn know by 26th November. Ph: 0408486362

Xmas Breakup - Friday Dec 13
Xmas breakup this year will at the Mirboo Recreation Reserve - Clear Creek Road, Mirboo. (please note this is not in Mirboo North!!)
When: Friday 13th December from 6pm
Bring: BYO meat to bbq, drinks and a salad or sweet to share.
Provided: Tea & Coffee will be provided. Plates and cutlery also provided.
Who: All Welcome.
Robyn Scott

Camel Ride and Kayak - Lakes Entrance Jan 31 - Feb 1 2020
Pat & I have booked Sat. Feb 1st to do a beach camel ride, 1 hour at a cost of $90. If anyone wishes to join us for a fun 2 days, to ride the camels (bookings via the website), or just be a spectator, you woud be most welcome.
We plan to take kayaks, drive to Lakes.Entrance on Friday morning, paddle Friday afternoon or evening and early Sat. morning. Depending on weather. Camel ride at 10.30 then home Sat. evening.
Camel website is , other ride times 11.30am, then during the afternoon. The camels are led by Russell, they are quiet & safe, Pat & I spent 5 days with these in August.
Ph. Roz 0408642358

Cycling Adventure - Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - Sunday Aug 16 to Friday Aug 21 2020
Date: 16th - 23rd August 2020
Activity: Multi day cycle
Details: Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - Queensland
Booking: May 2020
Grade: easy to challenging

Sunday 16th: Arrive and set up camp at BENARKIN Queensland.
Monday 17th:Yarraman to Benarkin return44kms
Tuesday 18th:Car shuffle to TOOGOOLAWAH., BENARKIN TO TOOGOOLWAH one way. Drivers to return to Benarkin and move caravans to Toogoolawah.51kms
Wednesday 19th:TOOGOOLAWAH to LOWOOD. Car shuffle. The first section (19 km) to ESK is very rough at the moment so could be ridden on the road or driven. ESK to LOWOOD is 36 km.55kms
Thursday 20th:LOWOOD: Rest day - visit to Wivenhoe Dam - Brisbane’s water supply
Friday 21st: LOWOOD to WULKURAKA return62kms

Benarkin - 17 Scott Street Benarkin Q - Free Settlers park. Cost: free - (2 nights)
Toogoolawah - Showground - 30 Ivory Creek Rd. Cost: low fee payable to caretaker - (1 night)
Lowood: Showground - 14 Station St. Cost: low fee payable to caretaker. - (3 nights)

Caravans, tents, RV’s suitable for this trip.
Contact: Zoe Baillie 0429 830 307

Federation Walks Weekend - 2020
spacer imageFed2020

Tent for Sale
Libby Pratt, who many of us know, is a keen bushwalker and she has a tent that she wishes to sell.
spacer image THVCS217
The tent is a ‘Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2’, together with a footprint used to protect its floor. It has been used on three occasions and she is asking $200 off the new price.
You can find out about the tent at: (note $US prices) or simply search for it on several Australian websites.
For more information and the actual price, contact Libby on 03 5668 2866 or email her at .

Walks Program
For the web version of Footprints, the walks program is located on a separate page and is kept up-to-date with changes as they come in.